About Us

Today, 'Business Process Outsourcing' is our prime focus and a domain in which we have reached excellence! Based in Sri Lanka, we are very popular amongst small to medium enterprises as a result of the economic and service advantage we provide in our outsourced model. Because of our state-of- the-art cloud technologies and adaptable smart solutions, even smaller companies can now afford and enjoy low cost pre-sales activity and 24/7 live customer support ensuring that they receive the best of both worlds.

We are proud of our array of staff resources that have enabled us on our journey of excellence with simple yet effective principles: Commitment, Flexibility and Dedication to serve beyond the expected!

Ongoing dialogue with our customers is a crucial aspect of how we work, and this dialogue has helped us to anticipate future market developments and your financial management needs. Over the years, with our experience in Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare & Telecommunications business verticals, we have also developed an extensive understanding of the special characteristics of different businesses – including the challenges you face in your specific operating environment.

We assimilate best-of-breed processes, develop intellectual property, adopt cutting edge technology, ensure on-time delivery and invest in quality services to confirm maximum customer satisfaction. We help our clients reduce operational costs, record process improvements and more importantly, focus on their core competence.


We continue to set a new standard for Business Process Outsourcing by providing superior customer experience and measurable business impact. We continue to develop end-to-end business processes in order to offer the best value for our customers by being their preferred partner.

Our Leadership Team

We are not there just to drive your business processes, we are experts ourselves, who have practically grown-up with the industries of Finance, Accounting, IT Marketing and customer care. We accurately understand your business requirement to propose solutions that suit your business complexities and specific operating environment. Get in touch with us and experience the difference!