Customer Care Services

Our mission is to set the standard in our industry through unparalleled care for our clients, customers and people.

Our team engages with clients to fully understand their specific goals and anticipate the needs of their customers. We are involved from the earliest lifecycle stages of our client engagements through to full operations to define the right solution, utilizing existing DataOne BPO tools and technologies. We deliver the right people trained and guided by the right leadership and enabled by the right technology to make a meaningful impact on our clients’ businesses.

DataOne BPO provides customer experience support throughout the lifecycle of our clients’ customers. These offerings include customer care, sales support, , complex order processing, , technical and product support, , and other industry-specific processes. Our ability to provide these services is enabled by leveraging technology, agent-performance tools, analytics,self-service applications, and various other tools that enable and empower our Brand ambassadors.

In today's business world, true value only comes from specialized customer services. It is only through customer care retention programs and growth of the obtained customers that you can make a larger base of profitable clients. With decades of business experience, DataOne has developed its own customer relationship management services to meet the growing needs of all our clients.In addition to generic or customized solutions, our specific offerings include,

  • Quick support to get control on your brand integrity
  • Customer Retention
  • Solving Account Queries
  • Order management
  • Billing Queries
  • Reservations
  • Bookings
  • Product Information & FAQs
  • Maintenance support channels
IT Enabled Services